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Businesses Consulted More than 180000 firms have sought advice from our specialists.


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The content creation function enables brand owners to develop and alter product descriptions in order to attract the most possible purchasers. It allows you the power to communicate in a variety of ways via your brand and goods. You may also use photographs to help sell your items.

Sponsored Brands

Promote the presence of your business by running advertising that include your logo and a few appealing taglines.

Amazon Stores

Get the opportunity to own a multi-page shop that is completely free to sell your business on a wide scale.

Amazon Brand Statistics

Track and report suspected infringements using our powerful search capabilities and simple, guided process.

Amazon Brand Intelligence

Make the most of the tremendous information available to make analytical conclusions. Collect more precise information about your clients, financial flows, and consumer behavior data reports.



Our professionals understand how to apply for trademark/copyrights, which entirely safeguards the brand.

Specific Entries

It is critical to carefully manage your product list in order to provide accurate information to your clients.

Brand Protection in Advance

Our automatic safeguards employ information about your brand to protect it and promptly delete any suspected infringement or invalid material.

To safeguard the safety of your brand, make every effort to eliminate any infringing or irrelevant information. Implement measures that aid in the marketing and preservation of your brand.

Utilize our powerful search capabilities in a stress-free, guided manner to keep track of any suspected infringements you see involving your brand.

Amazon Brand Intelligence

Track and report suspected infringements using our powerful search capabilities and simple, guided process.

Amazon Brand Analytics

Make the most of the tremendous information available to make analytical conclusions. Collect more precise information about your clients, financial flows, and consumer behavior data reports.



We have successfully protected numerous business entities' brand names both nationally and internationally. Our primary goal has always been to improve our skills and services on a consistent basis.


Several fraudulent accounts have been identified, and about 6 billion bad listings have been banned before they can be pushed in the corporate sector.


After using the Amazon trademark registration service, companies locate and report 99% fewer possible breaches.


Our crew is ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week to cater to and react to our loyal clients, as well as to handle possible infringement concerns.

Learn more about the work we're doing to safeguard brands and consumers by reading our Progress Report.

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Benefits of Registering Your Brand on Amazon

Avoid Having Your Product Listings Plagiarized by Competitor Brands

You may prevent your competitors from stealing any of your product listings by registering your brand on Amazon. Any illegal efforts to steal your listings will be discovered by our team of specialists, who will then quickly alert Amazon to the situation. They won't benefit in any way from your postings, not even monetarily.

Sales Will Increase Significantly with The New Amazon Features

The range of capabilities accessible to Amazon registered brands includes reporting, search, and administration. Once your Amazon brand has been officially registered, you may enhance sales for your business. We guarantee that all of our customers will find the Amazon registering process to be fast and easy.

Resources and Models for Accessibility Advertising

All tools and models for advertising are available to Amazon registered businesses. Due to the advantage of being displayed in the Amazon search results, which may double your chances of conversion.

How to Improve Amazon Brand Store Performance

Amazon's multi-page shop is a premium service, although registered companies may use it for free. You'll find it easier to create attractive, well-organized shops. They will each have their own brand analytics and insights for better results.

Brand sponsorship is available to everyone

Registered brands are allowed to use their logo, headlines, and three product photos in order to reach a broader audience and improve brand awareness.

Amazon's New Seller Bonuses

Amazon provides a range of prizes, incentives, and discounts on advertising and other costs to promote the promotion of registered businesses. You may use these savings to cut down on your purchasing after your Amazon brand Registry is complete.


Trademarks that are just text-based or text-and-image-based (Only Image Based Trademarks are not Acceptable)

Requirements for the Amazon brand registry:

  • You should register your trademark in the nation you want to study in, for example. Your trademark should be registered with the USPTO if it is headquartered in the United States.

If you qualify, we may need the following for your application:

  • The brand of the active trademark
  • Number of the Active Trademark Serial Number
  • Product Groups Under the Mark
  • The countries where the trademark is registered are listed.



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